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High quality and Stable Performance
Competitive Price
C Hook is a kind lifting tools for transport of coils, wire rings and hollow round bodies
Lifting Beam have a lot of type for different size and weight goods, generally used for long material.
Clamps is a widely used for billet, steel sheet, Steel Pipe lifting and transportation.
We have all kinds lifting tools for crane which designed and fabricated according to our national standard . Please kindly let us know your specific demands and usage for our engineers offer best recommendatio0n and design.
All Crane parts and lifting tools could be customized accordingly. OEM and ODM is acceptable.
Why Choose TX CRANE
1. We have strictly Quality Management System With Certificate ISO9001:2015
2. Experience R&D team make sure we could offer best design, and skilled workers assist by professional and advanced equipment make sure the assembly and welding at good quality.
3. QC team with professional detective device to ensure every good at high quality.
4. Advance equipment, such as: Welding robot, Shot-blasting machine and so on.
1. Packing and shipping: We will offer high quality and suitable packing to protect the goods for long-distance transportation.
2. We have cooperation with factories at some local market to save the cost and offer timely service.
3. We offer spare parts at free for all of our products. Free installation guidance and turn-key project is optional. Crane Parts suppliers

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